24 Feet Installed at St. Cecelia’s

24 Feet
Oil on Canvas
16″ x 120″

24 Feet is installed in the sanctuary of Saint Cecelia’s Catholic Church through Pentecost (Sunday, June 9). Father Moreno asked that we install it in the sanctuary over the exit door so that the congregation will see it as they leave the service. It took quite a bit of expert maneuvering of the hydraulic lift. My friend Robert and I held and attached the painting, while Alberto ran the lift. It turned out to be a stunning place to hang this painting.

St. Cecelia’s Catholic Church at 1809 W. Davis Street in Oak Cliff is a new church building in an established parish. The older church was hit by lightning in 2007 and burned. This beautiful and spacious new church was then built and dedicated in 2011.

2 Replies to “24 Feet Installed at St. Cecelia’s”

  1. Beautiful Russ! The piece is made for this particular space! Exposed feet of young and old, worn and dusty of strong and weak, all in waiting of being cleansed.

  2. Thank you Ypie. It turns out that feet have such a lot of personality. The placement idea was Father Moreno’s who felt sure that more of the congregation would see it as they were leaving.

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